We’re all mad here. I’m mad, you’re mad. 

How do you know I’m mad? 

You must be…or you wouldn’t have come here..?
The other day.

Was so impressed with the layout… The Upper pool travelling studio to Uganda last sem, Student Exhibition…  (at Testing Grounds)
Define “Momentoneus”

Awesome piece from @mohdfahme , Strong visual impact and mood 👍 Thank you once again (; see! its on my screen..!!
Nak buat rumah tak kat tempat mcm ni?
at Gladyss
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Always Forever // Cults 

Make way for Easter.
They steer in one direction, i could go the other way,

Of whom i’m not to say,
who’s unique anyway….
at Ghost Town
Pale & Cold
And birds, they choose not to appear anymore.