Handcrafted birthday card 🙈 by Encik Husna. #kretifnya haha.

1) kasih sayang
2) niat yang baik
3) kerajinan
4) semangat yang tinggi 

Haha😂 #birthday shoutout to Fareen !! May Allah bless you with happiness here n hereafter insyaAllah! Stay in good health and don’t stop spreading beautiful words to others, be the inspiration, you are the best teacher for me! 😘 

Eeek dah tua.
Terima kasih. (at dapur)
A self portrait in the middle of urban chaos. By the talented @hafeezrosland came into my inbox this morning. Pandainya kasi surprise pulak.😬

Thank you! 🍁
CanaiDate (at Mamak Melbourne)
Goodnight Luv 💋 Muahh (at Purr Purr Land 🌈)
Burberry Catalogue, Spring Edition. 

🙈 (at Queen Street Melbourne)
at Cibi
Amy,me,Jax & Jade.

It was a very funny mid semester crit session, when you’re entrusted to design the head gear for your groupmates, where do you even begin? 😂 

As to mimick the whole ‘Vanuatu’ idea of tribals and rituals I came out with these, made out of used items. Old vinyl cover, sticks, old rags and belly dancing jibbits.   (at TheAssFoxLion studio)
The result in 6 weeks of testing ideas through form studies using mainly, balsa
👆 from one of my fav week, they are up on the walls.  (at End to End)
Jane. (at Easey Street, Collingwood)
20#: Coffee as religion


At last, 20 throwback items mark the end of my #assfoxlion journal, documented for our mid semester crit sesh last Saturday. Too tired to write but-!

2 days spent lingered over Melbourne CBD, coffee, sat on hotel lobby, play around with dead leaves, skipping on pebbles, looking up at the clouds, be in places we aren’t allowed to be and reading on signs.

Starting to feel settled, being/living in this city. I had a lot of fun walking in stinky alleys. 

Alhamdulillah #khalasss (for now) 
#comingtotheend #survivorvanuatu
Tourist (at Mirror of the World, State Library of Victoria)